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AI News can be frightening in the begining, specially with the idea that many professions are going to die with the progress of technology and digital world, but also new possibilities can emerge. And that's our reality here at H&G Studio.

Don't lose yourself in AI. New Products for Media, Technology and Digital Innovation Cannot Recreate Originality

Our Studio, store and services offer the latest technologies in digital creation. Because not everything can be AI generated these days, or invisible to the eye. We also offer a great number of gifts and products in our store. And also because we still need skilled professionals and great products that actually exist in real life to create different types of masterpieces that cannot be generated from AI alone. Specially in matters of originality. No matter what your dreams are. From be  working from home, beach, office or in a public space.  We hope you can get covered with us and our digital services. 


Online Magazine: Arts, Science and Design

We are writers, designers and journalists, researchers and families. Not only using technology and new digital crafts from professionals from all over the world, but also publishers of modern studies in science, human communication, behaviour and social-cultural development. To offer you a great visual story and design experience which include real-life news and articles of relevance and physical products that can improve our quality of life.
We work for many years with digital-social creation and communication, while using new technologies, apps and AI technology. 
Masters in digital presentation. And  as digital creators, we also offer an e-Commerce store, with physical products, where you will find the latest products that we believe you would love to buy or gift someone with. We also offer a wide range of payment options at check-out. Our e-Mail and contact  for digital services are: or direct contact on o
ur Facebook Page.

Digital Creation and  Services

The Future is in your hands. Everything we wished for already arrived at our fingertips. New digital solutions and technologies are offering us new solutions and more different ways to develop our working spaces and lives. It is also opening opportunities in many other areas for innovation. We hope to be part of this new moment with you and we are here to help you with new technologies and modern design development. Please contact us for further enquiries and digital creations.