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STONE TRAY Hand crafted Product

Oval concrete TRAY - COSTER

Measurements: 18cm x 10 cm - 222g

Choices of colours, sealed and finished with a stone/concrete sealant to the highest standards.



All of our products are handmade. Handcrafted work done at our own Family Studio.


We are proud of everything we make:

.Including  avoiding waste and surplus

.Quality checked at every stage

.Priced responsibly to offer value 

.Beautiful design and choice of colours


Contact us to opt for different colours, production and demands

We welcome your questions and custom requests. 



These are decorative trays designed for decorative purposes and we do not recommend using the trays as soap holder, or to be kept in a high humidity environment such as bathrooms or next to water sinks.


We do not recommend using on the dishwasher.

Our products are made for hand care and dry cleaning only.


These are beautiful but fragile and unique pieces. 

They are expected to be imperfect and last for a long time if cared properly. 


Most common imperfections that you will find on our Trays are:

. Common air bubbles 

.Common discolouration caused by the sealants or other products that we might use for durability and care process 

.Common uneven colour in some parts of the piece 

.Common uneven and micro-chipped sides 

Each gives them even more identity.


For more information on our Studio, our products and what we can do, please contact us for business and keep checking our online store for more updates!


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